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Avalanche, supports you in this endeavour and makes available a whole set of tools and services, helping you through a successful journey.



Business Modeling Overview

Thinking of starting your own business ? Avalanche Supports you and guides you towards a successful launch. from Ideation to operation, we help you navigate through the below 4 major steps :
  • Market research and Discovery:Market research helps you understand your target customers – their needs, preferences and behavior – as well as your industry and competitors. we begin with a detailed feasibility study of your idea. Gaining an in-depth understanding of your growth drivers, market dynamics, competition, revenue streams etc. This will be a first defining step that allows you better understand all aspect of the feasibility
  • Business Plan: A crucial step in translating your idea into a detailed report. your business plan is the backbone and main reference, defining the nature of your business, revenue streams, cost structure, market dynamics, etc. The process of putting this document together is iterative: Avalanche teams will constantly challenge you to better refine the major aspects, mainly if you're planning to raise funds
  • Financial Projections: Good understanding of your financials make the difference between a successful revenue generating business or a cash strapped one that leads to failure. we provide you with an elaborate financial projection model, with scenario analysis and stress tests, allowing you to make informed decision on your costs, pricing and future returns . you can access our Lambda modeler which using, AI-enhanced forecasting methodology is a useful tool for modeling your future projections in a real world environment. it has an intuitive interface that allows you to make recursive changes and plot graphs and tables
  • Implementation, establishment and fundraising: Avalanche, optionally, can support you in the legal structure establishment, regulatory approvals, fundraising with investor presentation and roadshows. we operate in most countries in the GCC, mainly the UAE and KSA. Depending on the nature of your business, you might probably need regulatory approvals from relevant regulators, and hence we can support in such applications.

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Case-study: a Winning Business Plan

For SMEs / Established Businesses:

For newly established businesses, SMEs , Avalanche provides a generic solution as well as active support in remodeling your financials, stress test new products and/or optimise your revenues. We can help in both consultancy and implementation aspects. you'll have free access to our Lambda Modeler, an interface that allows you to build, alter and design your financial model using novel tools and control performance between projected and actual.

With AI-enhanced financial projections, it extends the capability of a usual spreadsheet and enables a business owner better visualize his financials, with in depth scenario stress testing, heatmaps , scenario analysis and many more data analytics tools.

Representative Matters:

  • Worked directly with the board of a big oil derivatives company to validate and optimise their model. Sensitive assumptions were inferred to help the board realize the economic implications and various potential outcomes associated with their new model.
  • Developed a financial model for a mortgage based fintech in the KSA. Made recommendations and provided guidance for their real estate projected forecasts
  • Created a fully integrated, three financial statement model; and projected the cash-flows over a 10 year period based on a prop AI-based algorithm, trained using 20 years of company data and economic variables. The success in adequately rolling their new product meant that the modeled managed, provingly, to account for most of the parameters linked to that product.
  • Developed a financial model for a small SME, in the UAE, to evaluate, make recommendations, and provide guidance for a real estate transaction involving the sale of a mortgage portfolio, and investing in other real estate projects.
  • Developed a financial model for a large mixed-use real estate project that included various types of asset classes and forms of alternative financing.
  • Created a financial model for a luxury hotel chain that included a customer satisfaction assesment linked to their main product. This allowed the managers to have a complete board-level set of reports that cater for both the financials as well the product success from a client satisfaction angle.
  • Built a multi-year projections for a start-up in the payment field, supporting the young CEO perfect his go-to-market strategy.

Beyond the spreadsheet

We had to ditch the ubiquitous spreadsheet concept to understand the capabilities of AI-enhanced forecasts. That have eliminated the manual work within a spreadsheet and helped to:
  • Automate the planning processes
  • Ran the projection using terabytes of historical data
  • Used predictive AI capabilities for more accurate forecasting

Big data management

Collect historical and market data collections, e.g financial statements, macroEconomic data, in real-time from various sources. with a user-friendly cloud based interface, a clear and accurate picture of financial and operational planning metrics can detect patterns, anomalies and constraints in your various fnancial reports and statements, hence allowing a better product design and revenue optimisation.


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