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Industries and services we cover:

Practices and functional expertise


Real-Estate refinancing and securitisation. Modeling credit and interest risk of mortgage portfolios …

Business & Financial Modeling

Support businesses and SME's in the full setup, business planning and financial modeling. Allowing them instead to focus on their Business Development and day-to-day operations …

Risk and Financial Modeling

Helps banks and Financial institutions in restructuring their financial and risk departments. Supports them also through their digital transformation …

General hospitality Consulting

Helps our clients in the hospitality sector through a fully customized measurement and evaluation programs that suit their needs. We create, save and grow hospitality businesses and outlets across the region and work with them through the provision of relevant, competitive of benchmarking sets (market research, mystery shopper) …

Generative AI

We support our clients with our in depth knowledge and reporting on Generative AI technologies. Avalanche has compiled a large repository of most of the players in the field and provides bespoke consultancy for entities looking to make the most of this cutting edge technology …