Mystery Guest Overview
Camille Beyrouthy

2022-04-13 13:56:14+00:00

Product Outline

Customer satisfaction in five-star luxury property is paramount for future profitability. Hotel managers strive to keep the services running smoothly through experience and general HORECA standard policies and procedures. They, however, rarely properly evaluate client experience and customer satisfaction, for various reasons: subjectivity of client reviews and review portals, booking patterns (returning customers not always an indicator of brand loyalty etc.), customer surveys not always objectively filled.
More so, there is no single known luxury hotel benchmarks across different regions, meaning hotel managers cannot always compare their property performance to any well known standardised property, and at best, any comparative approach generally ends up either biased, or not necessarily relevant to services in a specific region. The idiosyncrasies of a specific market dictates sometimes the nature of services that are generally offered.

Our methodology to properly gauge the property of your services and the satisfaction of your customers is laid down in this case study. we provide an in depth look into our approach and detail our ways of providing both a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the your property and offered services.

Having a clear measure will have a considerable impact on increased sales, boosted productivity, and more importantly customer satisfaction, in addition to employee engagement. Our proprietary platform analytics in at the core of our consultancy services.

When your approach is customer centric, everyone's a winner!

We will shed light on the flexibility and creativity of our mystery guest service. With a rich multimedia support, recording and videos (optional and based on approval) , you get an accurate view of the services your customers are experiencing, their complains, their feel of the space and service. Additionally, and more importantly, we monitor social media impact, check your competitors' pricing strategies, and benchmark how your product are presented and priced. our online portal monitoring tools provide you ways to respond to critical online reviews, track your business's performance, continuously promote service standards to your staff, and study your products successful launches.


Consultant selection:

The first part of the exercise was to choose the consultants that best fits this exercise. Relying on people’s experience either in the F&B space or in staff training, or blogging etc. They were chosen them from various backgrounds, with an age brackets of [30-42], and more importantly of different nationalities. Avalanche has a team of available mystery shoppers from more than 30 nationalities.

Survey construction:

The questionnaire was put together and handed to the consultants to fill during their stay; 234 metrics were recorded, stored and compiled to generate our proprietary rating. Most of the entries are benchmark ready tools, standard to the HORECA industry.

Aspects Stress tested:

Consultants used couple of tricks to stress test the service:
  • Items lost : returned
  • Items left behind: returned
  • Cash left behind: returned
  • Off-menu requests: serviced



Key to success of the exercise and a very important aspect is to keep the approach impervious to the mandating management so as to evaluate and assess the inner workings and experience of a full stay at the resort for a given “Mystery Guest”. All activities and procedures building up, from the early booking to the last check out are fully confidential and clients aren't aware of who booked, who stayed and what were the nature of the requests while in the property.

You can read more about our services and methodology here